Inside the Minds:
Leading Women
What it Takes for Women to Succeed and Have it All in the 21st Century

Reader's Review
Very Insightful-Great Read For Women of All Stages & Ages I was very impressed by the women in this book, and more importantly, the issues they addressed. Trying to balance personal and professional lives is never easy, and several of the women had great pieces of advice on doing just this. Although there is never a way to truly "have everything," this book explores some very intriguing women and provides some very useful career advice.

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The Path to Success, written by Tiffany Bass Bukow (MsMoney, Founder and CEO), focuses on topics such as how a woman in the 21st century can create a balance between personal and professional lives, set goals, network, start her own company, learn the right skills for career advancement and more. This chapter features real world intelligence knowledge excerpts on achieving personal and professional success for women and is a great quick read summarizing the major topics currently affecting women in the workplace. The chapter also features proven career strategies practiced by this executive that can be altered or adapted upon for your own career. It makes for inspiring reading for women of all ages and stages of their lives.

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6 Steps to Raise Financially Responsible Children
In a study sponsored by the National Council on Economic education, 66% of high school students tested on basic money skills scored an "F". Only 3% got an "A". This isn't the only survey that shows that kids lack money sense. Yet, Teenagers are spending about $100 billion of their own money each year and influence an additional 50% of their family spending. That is a lot of purchasing power for a group with little knowledge on how to spend and save wisely. This seminar will help provide the parents with the tools and resources needed to raise financially responsible children.

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