1. The Charmed Life:
    How to Breeze Through Life With Abundant Wealth, Health & Happiness
  2. Harmoney: How To Synchronize Your Life & Money Goals to Live Richly
  3. The Millionairess Club: It is Easier to Become a Member Than You Think
  4. Successful Business Women and Their Bumpy Road to Fame & Fortune
  5. Women & Money: 9 Reasons Women Are Dead Wrong About Their Financial Plan
  6. Leveraging Your Woman Power in Business for Greater Impact
  7. Women, Work & Home: The High Wire Balancing Act
  8. Finding and Nurturing the Goddess Within for Greater Life Success
  9. Raddical Sabbitacals:
    Take the Vacation of Your Dreams for Unparalleled Inspiration and Renewal!

Tiffany can also can speak about anything she writes about. For topic ideas see a list of her articles & books.

Recent Presentations


San Jose: Women In Technology International Silicon Valley Conference
Presentation Topic 1: Personal Stories of Successful Women; Success Redefined
Presentation Topic 2: Radical Sabbaticals

University of California at Berkeley: Women In Leadership Conference
Presentation Topic: Creating Work/Life Balance During Your Career

New York: Marketing to Women Conference
Presentation Topic: Understanding the Need to Market to Women

Boston: Girls Women and Money Conference
Presentation Topic: How to Start an e-Commerce Business

San Francisco: Professional Business Women's Conference
Presentation Topic 1: Girls Track - Empowering Girls to Be Financially Healthy
Presentation Topic 2: Girls Track - So You Want to be a Millionaire: Cool Careers That Will Get You Ther.

University of Evansville (Indiana): WISE Conference - Women Inspiring Success and Excellence
Presentation Topic: The Key to Wealth, Health and Happiness Lies Within Your Grasp

San Francisco: Financial Women's Association Luncheon
Presentation Topic: Harmoney: Creating More Wealth, Health and Happiness

San Francisco: Women's Technology Cluster Entrepreneur Roundtable with
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
(Broadcast on CBS News - see video clip)
Presentation Topic: The Mission of MsMoney Inc. and the Launch of the MsMoney.com Consumer Web site.

San Francisco: SBA and Women In Communications
Presentation Topic: Creating a Marketing Driven Website for your Company


Stanford University: Junior Statesman of America
Presentation Topic: Leadership Skills That Ensure Success


Tiffany was rated as the #1 speaker at the Financial Portals Conference (out of 30 speakers)
San Francisco: Financial Portals Conference

Presentation Topic: Best Practices for Marketing Your Financial Portal

San Francisco: Western Independent Bankers Annual Marketing Conference
Presentation Topic: Getting the Attention of the CFO of the Household - Women

Monterey: Marketing Association of Credit Unions Annual Conference
Presentation Topic: Getting the Attention of the CFO of the Household - Women

San Francisco: "Viral Marketing" Turbo Charge Your Customer Acquisition!
Presentation Topic: Tapping into Natural Communities: Women

New Delhi, India: Internet World
Presentation Topic: Ework - Producer Style Web Management

Manila, Philippines: Internet World
Presentation Topic: Ework -Producer Style Web Management


ABC News with Peter Jennings
CBS News
PBS - News Hour with Jim Lehrer
PBS - Digital West
TechTV - Frequent Guest
Sony's Redband Radio - Talkshow Host