Tiffany Bass Bukow is a successful business woman who has founded companies that have a social impact. Her speaking, seminars, books, articles, and Web sites reach over 10 million people and help inspire positive change. She is a sought after television guest, conference speaker and community participant.

Tiffany’s passion for living comes out in her enthusiastic and sincere presentations. She has the ability to connect with the audience and easily make them laugh and cry, but most importantly she gets them to think! Tiffany helps people believe that they CAN take charge of their attitude and live a fuller and more rewarding life. Her audience leaves her speech with the drive and motivation to boost their performance and reach their highest potential.

She demonstrates first hand how she transformed her attitude and went from a dissatisfied low-level employee to the CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise and still made the time for a year long around-the-world honeymoon and to start a family.

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"Your reviews were the highest we have seen; out of 30 speakers, you were rated #1 by our audience . You did an excellent job creating the customized material and you tied it all together wonderfully on the stage. The conference attendees left energized and packed with useful knowledge that they could begin applying right away."
Susan - Conference Planner

"The 'letting down your hair' was THE highlight of the conference! It was such a demonstration of authenticity! You are outrageous - all part of why you are sooo successful."
Linda - Conference Attendee

"You're a very inspiring and powerful woman and I loved your session and how personally relevant it was to my life. It is such an honor to have met you."
Ashley - Conference Attendee

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